June 11, 2011

A citizens' race held in Cambridge on June 11, 2011.

Three categories - Beginner, Sport and Open. Registration is being done on-line via the Ontario Cycling Assocation - http://www.ontariocycling.org/

There will also be a kids race before the Open category start.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What category should I race?

We've been getting lots of questions like "What category should I ride?"

Here is a bit of a breakdown of how we see it...
Beginner - if you have never ridden a criterium before, this is the category for you. Our course is wide with easy corners and its a good place to come learn.

Sport - We see the OCA's categories of M3, S3 and the women riding in this one. That being said, we welcome  the women to choose the category that they like. We'll arrange prizes for each start for both men and women.

Open - Juniors, Seniors 1-2, Masters 1-2 and Elite men.


  1. What kind of bikes will be allowed in the Beginner category? Will flat-bar bikes (mountain, hybrid) be allowed?

  2. Hi Heather,

    All the equipment rules are detailed in our tech guide, found here - http://www.ontariocycling.org/web_doc/calendar/20110511-191644-tech%20guide%20Active%20Cambridge%20Crit%20v.2.pdf